Totem Appliance Repair understands the importance of finding a well-trained & qualified appliance repair technician in the Vancouver area. This is why our expert appliance technician staff is professionally trained and certified. Each appliance repair expert on our team strives for excellence in every appliance repair service our company offers.

  • Team Member Rich Williscroft Rich Williscroft
    Rich Williscroft
  • Team Member Adam Slack Adam Slack
    Adam Slack
  • Team Member Marco Paludetto Marco Paludetto
    Marco Paludetto
  • Team Member Michael Koch Michael Koch
    Michael Koch
  • Team Member Mark Gorenchtein Mark Gorenchtein
    Mark Gorenchtein
  • Team Member Runda Guo Runda Guo
    Runda Guo
  • Team Member Tristan Clairk Tristan Clairk
    Tristan Clairk
  • Team Member Reid Jackson Reid Jackson
    Reid Jackson
  • Team Member Sunil Sandu Sunil Sandu
    Sunil Sandu
  • Team Member Troy Weber Troy Weber
    Troy Weber
  • Team Member Danny Maccaroni Danny Maccaroni
    Danny Maccaroni
  • Team Member Frank Fuoco Frank Fuoco
    Frank Fuoco
  • Team Member Gagan Hundal Gagan Hundal
    Gagan Hundal
  • Team Member Jeffrey Zhen Jeffrey Zhen
    Jeffrey Zhen
  • Team Member Ken Dahl Ken Dahl
    Ken Dahl
  • Team Member Ken Hu Ken Hu
    Ken Hu
  • Team Member Kyle Davy Kyle Davy
    Kyle Davy